Scissors Rest In Peace

Coupons are not dead and they aren’t just delivered by the postman or in your Sunday newspaper anymore.

According to a blog on L2 INC, nine out of 10 millennials use coupons, and coupon apps dominate branded apps in ratings.

No more clipping and then sorting in that little coupon wallet my mom used to carry to the grocery store, today I simply whip out my phone and show the barcode from my display.

Some of the greatest experiences in using my digital coupon app is that I don’t have to show coupon after coupon because the store is using a consumer loyalty app and already has a list of all the discounts for the food I purchased in their system. One scan of the code, or a simply entry of my phone number and I watch the savings accumulate.

But grocery shopping isn’t the only use of coupons these days. Mezes Greek Grill is but one of the Ann Arbor restaurants hooked on Hooked. Hooked is designed for the college students, millennials, who want to eat, drink and socialize while saving on their limited student budgets.

Not just for kids anymore.

For those who work in Ann Arbor or many college towns, Hooked is a great way to find and be notified of food deals nearby. Often times we have a limited lunch ‘hour’ that’s not always an hour. Part of that time is spent determining what to eat, what’s nearby, and where can I not spend an arm and a leg.

Hooked users open their phone to a live feed, see the regularly changing deals on their screen, and can select the deal even before entering the restaurant. Truly a timesaver.

Don’t Give Up The Ghost

Coupons are here, and here to stay. Millennials (and those of us who are young at heart) may find they prefer digital, but there is still a large ‘paper’ audience who have a need for the traditional - direct mail, magazines and Sunday newspaper circulars - heck even the Yellow Pages.

So, recognize who your target audience is and what best suits them. Suits them not only in the delivery method but the offer itself and then satisfy their needs by meeting their wants and expectations.

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