Have I lost my patience? Have I become sensitive with age? Am I frustrated with ignorance?

All of the above!

It’s been over a year and a half since Mobilegeddon, and yet there are still way too many business who have yet to recognize the importance of have a website which can easily be viewed, read and navigated on a smart device whether an Android or Apple tablet or phone.


Let assume for a moment that 18 months ago you turned off all your lights, put drapes or blinds in the windows, and removed your sign from the storefront. Do you think you’d still be in business?

If the answer is ‘no’ then why to do you not pay attention to your digital storefront - because, if you’re not mobile-friendly, then the drapes are pulled and your customers are walking by.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog posted on DexMedia.com:

Customers have got the power, and they know it

According to the most recent data available, just shy of 70% of Americans have a cellphone in their pocket or purse, and 45% have a tablet.

Another important number: Our time spent on mobile devices has increased a whopping 117% in the last two years. Basically, we’re glued to our mobile devices, and the world is our oyster.

Casual searchers will become your next customers (or not)

According to a recent CreditCards.com survey, 3 out of 4 Americans make impulse buys – especially when they’re excited.

Marketing Nose Best

Ever wonder why Kilwin’s fans above the doors push out the fresh smell of fudge, or Garrett’s the addictive and distinctive odor of popcorn popping? It’s to capture the attention of the streetwalker.

Technology is not at a point whereby you can reach anymore of the senses than sight, sound and touch...yet! Nonetheless, you need to be mobile-friendly to even consider profiting from today’s technology, to help ensure the potential customer doesn’t click on your website and then two seconds later go to another because yours loaded too slowly, or the text was too small, or the navigation wasn’t designed for touch, or… there can be a long list.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Or popcorn! Or fudge!

Get on board and help make your business let the daylight shine in, open the curtains, turn on the signage and become mobile-friendly before the customers pass you by.

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