As we approach Black Friday and Small Business Saturday consumers will be rushing around looking for the best deals. Part of that exploration will include pre-shopping digitally.

Without question, consumers are looking for the best deal ergo why our inboxes are filled with Black Friday savings, discounts and coupons. But they are also savvy enough these days to not only look for the best deal but the best product. Reviews help them decide not only what to buy but where.

Positive reviews help a shopper make the decision where to buy. They want to know what their peers have experienced and seek the best customer experience they can find.

Word of mouth is always the best bet. Talking with someone you know and trust helped determine the course a consumer would take when purchasing something the need.

Word of mouth isn’t gone but it has been supplanted by online reviews and other media - product writeups, consumer reports, and blogs.

Ensuring good customer service or providing the best product at the best price can’t ensure that the consumer will stop by your business, but having the opposite can most definitely ensure they don’t.

Take time during this busy, and any season, to not only give the shopper a great experience but also ask them to provide a review. It takes only a second or two at checkout, and even though you may only get a small percentage who participate, a few five-star reviews goes a long way.

54% of consumers visit a business website after reading positive online reviews. (graphic provided by LSA Insider)

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